Multi-Site Discount Policy

SEPAT Multi-Site Discount Policy


At SEPAT, we understand the importance of ensuring electrical safety across multiple locations for businesses of all sizes. Our Multi-Site Discount Policy is designed to provide cost-effective solutions for companies with multiple sites undergoing Portable Appliance Testing (PAT). We aim to reward your commitment to safety and compliance with discounted rates tailored to the scale of your operations.


Any business or organisation with two or more sites requiring PAT Testing services from SEPAT is eligible for the Multi-Site Discount.

Discount Structure:

  • The discount percentage is determined based on the number of sites scheduled for PAT Testing with SEPAT.
  • Discounts are applied to the total cost of PAT Testing services across all sites.

Discount Tiers:

  • Tier 1: 2-5 sites – 5%
  • Tier 2: 6 or more sites – 10%

Customized Quotes:

  • Upon inquiry or request for a quote, SEPAT will provide a customized pricing proposal outlining the applicable discount based on the number of sites and the scope of testing required.

Scope of Services:

  • The Multi-Site Discount applies to all PAT Testing services offered by SEPAT, including inspection, testing, reporting, and certification.

Flexible Scheduling:

  • SEPAT will work closely with your organisation to schedule PAT Testing appointments at each site according to your convenience and operational requirements.

Consistent Quality Assurance:

  • Regardless of the number of sites, SEPAT maintains its commitment to delivering high-quality PAT Testing services conducted by qualified engineers adhering to industry standards and regulations.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Consistent Service Schedule:
    • To maintain eligibility, customers must adhere to the agreed-upon PAT Testing service schedule for all participating sites.
  • Renewal Requirements:
    • The Multi-Site Discount Program is renewable annually. Customers should confirm their participation and update the list of eligible sites as needed.
  • Modification or Termination:
    • SEPAT reserves the right to modify or terminate the Multi-Site Discount Program at any time.

Contact Information:

For inquiries or assistance related to the Multi-Site Discount Program, please contact us on

SEPAT PAT Testing is committed to enhancing safety across your organisation. We appreciate your commitment to compliance and look forward to supporting your multi-site testing needs.

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