PAT Testing Canterbury

PAT Testing Canterbury

Navigating the course of electrical safety might appear intricate, but with South East Portable Appliance Testing (SEPAT), the path is clear and manageable. Our expertise in PAT testing in Canterbury and the broader South East sets a benchmark in confirming the safety standards of your portable electrical appliances, thus protecting your business and the people involved.


Assured Safety, Regulatory Compliance and Tranquillity

At SEPAT, we see our role as more than just service providers. We are your partners in ensuring a secure environment where electrical safety is never compromised. Our adept engineers, using cutting-edge testing instruments, conduct meticulous examinations of your electrical appliances.

The mission? Ensuring adherence to current regulations and nurturing a secure ambience for employees and customers.


PAT Testing Adjusted to Your Timetable

We understand the significance of adaptability, particularly in a dynamic business environment. Whether you’re a large commercial entity, a landlord or a small Canterbury-based business, our PAT testing services match your specific requirements and schedule.

We offer appointments during off-peak hours and weekends, designed to reduce interruption to your regular functioning.



SEPAT’s Pledge: Unmatched Quality, Rich Experience and Dependability

Our extensive experience of over a decade has not only fine-tuned our abilities but has also fortified our position as the top choice for PAT testing in Canterbury. We are a family-owned business, prioritising customer gratification and an eye for detail above everything else.

Your Safety Is Our Commitment

Safety goes beyond mere regulatory compliance—it’s an assurance of the well-being of our patrons. All our engineers undergo rigorous DBS checks, guaranteeing that businesses dealing with vulnerable individuals can confidently entrust their safety to us.


Proactive Approach Towards Electrical Safety

Did you know that almost a third of all accidental workplace fires in the UK are caused by electrical malfunctions or equipment misuse? Our exhaustive PAT testing helps you pre-empt such dangers, safeguarding your workplace and preserving your insurance validity.

Stay a Step Ahead with SEPAT

In addition to ensuring safety and regulatory compliance, PAT testing may lower your building’s insurance. Furthermore, our detailed test report can double as an efficient asset register, helping you manage your electrical equipment inventory.


Are You Ready to Safeguard Your Electrical Safety?

Don’t wait for an electrical hiccup to unsettle your tranquillity. Stay proactive in managing potential risks with our PAT testing services in Canterbury. To schedule a service or to learn more, give us a call today on 07824 534 228.

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